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Welcome to Angels, Creativity and Healing School.

We warmly welcome you to our Angel School of Thought. Our courses promote self love, angel care and a special bond with our Angelic realms. Our Angels provided us with the inspiration and the blessings to develop this with a loving and caring approach to Angel Care and Angel Education.

Our Angels are fun and they want to help you to open up and trust in the divine. They are real, they may not be seen with the naked eye but you can be assured that they deeply care and they are powerful enough to rid you of your fears, worries, anxieties and lead and encourage you to stay in Love as much as possible.

You can build up your own angelic relationships in gentle, curious and fun interactions which include safe self exploratory interactions with them. They can help heal you and begin a safe ascension to the angelic realms.

Our Angel courses are for:

  1. Individuals who are curious about interacting and learning with their Angels.
  2. Love short activities, reflective practices such as journalling, and creative interactives to explore the inner self.
  3. Individuals who would like to explore their beliefs in Angels and begin healing their inner self.
  4. Individuals who have an established Angel Practice and they would like to update their skills with our more Advanced level courses which include research and recommended readings.
  5. Individiuals who would like to begin healing with their Angels and to develop a firm relationship with them.
  6. Anyone who is inspired by love to choose one of our courses.
  7. To train in depth for Angel Care Practice and become one of our Angel Care Practitioners. (A.C.E)


What comes part of your course?

We teach with Love and Angelic understandings. We teach you what we are guided to by our Angels. This is through intuition, inner know how and also Angel Channellings.

Our courses include:

unlimited tutor support with motivational emails and encouragement.

Interactive online education platform or traditional PDF via emails.

Fully certified courses with certification upon completion.

Lots of Love, understandings and confidentiality.

As well as this we provide bookings for Angel Mentoring, Angel Readings and more.

So enrol today and don't look back. Embrace the Angel in you.


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