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Welcome to Spiritual Horizons©

We are the only and original Angel Organisation in the UK who are dedicated to teaching, promoting and assisting with providing an Angelic presence here upon the earth. We warmly welcome anyone from across the globe to learn all about how you can change your life with the help and guidance from our loving Angels and Ascended Masters.

Our prestige and well known Angel courses, workshops and therapies are provided to you online or face to face in either Manchester or Burton upon Trent.

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We currently train individuals who are interested in Angel Communication such as our Angel Communication Expert training programme (ACE). This provides you with an all rounded eight module distant learning/online Angel Course which builds you from novice learner about Angels through to a competent intermediate individual who will have knowledge of Guardian Angels, Archangels, Introduction to healing with Angels, Praying with Angels,creativity with Angels and more. In addition to this, we hold the Angel Channelling Course online which provides much required expertise in holding a full conversation with Angels via various methods of channelling and using noises and signs. All ACE graduates recieve a badge of honour and membership rights.


At Spiritual Horizons, we promote love and angelic knowledge on earth to everyone, we value all your beliefs and we aim to establish a network across the globe where we can anchor universal knowledge upon our earth plane. Please contact us if you are an organisation who desires to have independant workshops and courses provided to your own service and establishments. We can help you and teach you how important it is to interact and become more fluent with self awareness and working with Angels.

We welcome and thank you all for making the decision to join us on your own self awareness or spiritual journey. Start today by contacting us with your ideas and what you are looking for. Individuals or corporate are welcome to join on any one of our Courses. 

Our services include our exclusive Angel Mentoring Service, Angel Card Readings, Angel Dream Interpretations and Angel Healing Care Therapy. Our Angel Courses are devised by Angel Channelling, research and educational practices. We have many students and clients use our services and Spiritual Horizons believes that we can make a change one step at a time with the help of Love and our Angels.

"Whatever you decide, you can be assured that we are a loving provider of Angel Care© We promote the building of bridges between heaven and our Angels and earth as large brotherhood


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 All our Angels are willing to come to your aid the moment you call and ask them to come in to your life. Begin today and prepare yourself for a new begining and watch it expand through spiritual horizons©.  

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