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Angel Mentoring, Angel Care, Angels online studies, Angel Readings and lots more.

Our Angels Organisation is here to anchor and promote the belief and teachings of Love onto our planet and within our society. These teachings stem from our teams of Guardian and Archangel Angel Teams.

We specialise in Angel Education© as guided by our team of Angels.

* NEW* Hierachy of Angels course due out June2016 discounted till the end of July 2016.


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What to do we teach?

LOVE is the key. Love is invisible it may seem, but  as an energy our creators are very much alive in each one of us. Our Angels pursue us to live the best lives  possible. In love, respect, abundance and honour in order to ascend over fear in this lifetime. Our Angels are polite, respectful, honourable, fearless, powerful, and they expect the best in the life. They teach that each one of you lives to be unconditional in Love to each other. It is the essence to become  more loving and their main lesson is that you can do anything in Love. Anything and everything is possible.

Why believe in Angels?

Why not believe in them? just because we don't see them right in front of you, it does not mean they don't exist. It is about ignoring your mind and listening with your heart. As Society tries to speed you up, our Angels teach us to slow down in order to hear and see them. Angels use our very senses, even the ones that we discount alot. Our organisation works alongside all of the Archangels and Guardian Angels from the heavenly realms. They include Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Ariel, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Uriel. Between myself and Gemma, we have spoken to over 15 Archangels in the last 10 years. It is with their blessings that they guide us to work on earth to help guide mankind to a more loving world. Which will be achieved as we ascend into higher dimensions. Our Angels are pure and divine, they deserve our respect and they deserve to see each one of us change to a higher way of being.

What Services to we have?

Angel Mentoring©, Angel Talks© Angel Healings, Angel Readings, Angel Workshops, Angel Communication Expert A.C.E Practitioner Award and other great Angels Healing and Communition online Courses and meet-ups.

What can our organisation provide?

We can provide Angel Talks© and Angel Workshops to your organisation. We promote your Angel Workshops or courses online through our Events page globally. We can promote Angels and Anchor their energy and we can also validate your own Angel Courses and promote them for you. We can sell your Angel courses alongside our own if they are different to ours. Please enquire.  



Train to become A.C.E© (Angels Communication Expert)

You can train to become an Angel Communication Expert© A.C.E ©which empowers you to become an all rounded expert with Angel Care© therapy basics. This 8 module course includes knowledge of our Guardian Angels, Archangels, introduction to Angel Care Healing© Angel Prayers, Angels and Creativity and much more. We have had students from Australia, USA, UK and Italy study upon our courses and so can you.

For further details please go to A.C.E

Other courses include Angel Channelling, Hierachy of Angels, Preparing to become a healer which abides with UK Nos standards (UK).

Join us now and become A.C.E and recieve a seal of love upon every certificate we produce. Our testimonies are based upon real reviews. We have hundreds who have studies with us.

 All our Angels are willing to come to your aid the moment you call and ask them to come in to your life. Begin today and prepare yourself for a new begining and watch it expand through Spiritualhorizons.

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