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What Services do you provide?

Our services consist of three areas and they include quality online courses, angels care & spiritual therapies include angel healings & guidance, angel care© dream therapy and interpretations. Online Courses are expanding throughout the year and each one remains fun, reflective and interactive.

Where are you based?

We have a global online presence and online Spiritual Horizons provides online angel readings and certified Angel Programmes. Offline we provide services specifically to the areas of North Manchester at the Harpurhey Neighbourhood Centre(prebookings ) and Burton upon Trent. These services include: Energy, Archangel, Crystal Healings, Angel Readings.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured members Balens insurance This enables us to teach online and offline courses and workshops, practice all our therapies and abide by their own code of honour.

What relevant Qualifications do you hold?

Having chosen a B.A(hons) Education Studies with Healing Arts this provided a platform to devise a more structured Angel Education© Programme which is thankfully channelled the idea from heaven for our school to use. Luckily, the disertation report was 'Online Studying and student support' which provided enough research to make our school at the top end for quality assurance and development of our own courses. With a PTTLS teaching qualification in addition to this it enables both co-founders with the managment of knowledge needed to create a fantastic, spiritual and loving school of thought. See about us for further details.

How do I make a purchase from your site?

To make a purchase from our site, you may go into any of the shop categories on the home page and choose a service. Click "product" to learn more about it. Then simply add to your basket and in three simple steps, this will take you to our preferred paypal merchant. You can choose to use paypal or your own credit or debit card to make a purchase from our site.All our paypal is Business Verified and is SLL socket protected.

Payment Security.

Spiritual Horizons Paypal account has a Business account, which has been security verified by paypal in order to protect you the customer. Paypal uses all the latest and updated security measures to protect you. Spiritual Horizons never handles money exchanges but we do provide you with quality spiritual services and qualities.

Paying with Paypal

PayPal is the safer, simpler, smarter way to pay online.  Signing up for a PayPal account is easy and you can pay using your debit or  credit card, bank account or PayPal balance. PayPal doesn’t share your  financial details with sellers and provides industry-leading fraud protection. Sign up today.

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International Clients

We welcome all international clients whether you are looking for an online course or you are looking for angelic answer, you can convert all £ to your own currency by accessing the free currency converter on the homepage towards the bottom of our page. We warmly invite you to choose Spiritual Horizons for our services are rich, genuine, pure and are excellent value for money. Try and you will see. Thank you for taking the time to visit us here in the U.K

The School of Angels & Creativity©

Why Choose your Courses?

At Spirtual Horizons© you are made to feel very special and our staff maintain individual support during the whole journey with us.  Our courses are very much light, fun and interactive. The courses have been researched over a period of a year and having studied online education and student support.  Each course offers an interactive, reflective and light research which helps you develop your own way of searching your own inner being. Experimental Learning is what we teach which means you get hands on practical exercises during your course and then you respond with how you have changed and developed your skills.  Our courses reflect the wider audience and provide certification to those who wish to focus on specific areas of working with your Angels. We are the first to work with reflective practice and light research.

Who Accreditates your Courses?

Spiritual Horizons accreditates our own courses because there is no official governing body which stipulates a professional assessment criteria which matches the same standard and quality as traditional academic standards such as OCR, NVQ etc. We have been taught by heaven to produce such courses and wish to maintain a high standard and quality assurance to all who enjoy 'leisure' styled courses.

Do you hold your own code of Conduct?

Our NEW Angel code of conduct reflects our standards and this with agreement will provide a platform of establishing Angelic Education© of the future.

International Students?

Anyone who can read and write in British English and has the ability to use the internet will be able to enrol on our courses. Our prices are neatly presented and there is a currency exchange app on the bottom of our homepage. This will give you awareness of the current exchange rate when you make your payment. Online study provides the flexibilty to learn about Angels from your own home. If you are an international student please be encouraged to learn from our Angel Organisation, we offer the best quality service.

How are your courses delivered?

Spiritual Horizons and the School of Angels & Creativity provides your courses either:

A) Home-Study by sending you first class royal mail/AirMail to UK or International Students. B) Globally and within the United Kingdom by email and this is called online distant learning. (ODL) If you buy as an ODL course, you will be sent course modules via email pdfs. Adobe Reader is required but word doc. can be arranged too. We are currently assessing the option to use a professional Course Mangement System. This will be most beneficial to use as an online in the now option. It will take account of new courses currently being written as we speak and will help with assessing and sending in coursework.

Do you provide Practice status?*NEW*

We do own our Angel Communication Expert Programme, where other courses provide courses which cover broader areas of working with your Angels. Angel Communication Diploma provides you with specific knowledge and training within Angel Communication to ensure you are developing and gaining confidence. It can be used for Angel Readings and Counselling. The Advanced Angel Communication Diploma which is currently being co-written, is created to produce the abiltity to practice Angel Healings. The Adv.Dip will include the choice of blended learning and a one day practice will be included as well as the chance to gain insurance with Balen's Insurance as a school. We will provide this.

How am I assessed?

Each Course will offer you an applied approach to learning and this will include practical activities through out the modules. At the end of each module you will be provided with a ten part questions and answer sheet based upon your progression made throughout your practical conponments of each module. This must be returned for marking before the next module is sent. A reflective and summative assessment is provided at the end of the Complete Angel Communication Diploma©

Will I recieve a Certificate?

Each course is structured according to your personal developments and achievements. During your course you will have developed important understandings in regards to your learning. Once you have provided evidence of passing the assessment criteria, you will recieve a congratulations email with you pass mark and feedback. After this you will be forwarded the appropriate certificate or award for your course. This can be provided via email or via post and will reach you within 14 days of your congratulations email.

Are you courses recognised?

Yes, Certainly within our aim of Angelic and Spiritual Education. we endeavour to provide the future of angel education® within the means of qualified and extensive research providing a new way of learning for spiritual welfare. Our training is fully certified and it has been developed from an educational psychologist view point. Our Courses have been directed from heaven and the Godhead and passed though and granted by our team of Angels. All organisations start from somewhere and we provide a professional and loving foundation which is used as our strength to fullfil our duty to teach you about your inner guides, Angels and their qualities and a healing aspect.  This is the only organisation to teach research and reflective practice within all our courses (to date) so please join us as we expand. As you develop through your course you will be fully certified by ourselves and we grow and develop to be a front runner in Angel Education and recognised as a leader in spiritual communication with Angels and Heaven.

What does A.C.E© mean?

Angels Communication Expert exclusive to Spiritual Horizons. You recieve A.C.E  status when you complete the Complete Angel Communication Diploma® and we will allow you to use A.C.E after your name as a recognised Angel Expert in Communication. This course provides you with certification in Angel Readings and Mediumship.

What Learner Support am I offered?

Spiritual Horizons prides it's self with professional student and study support for all course candidates. Our student support provides free referral services to appropriate third party organisations such as career guidance, counselling and library resources. internet resources for research purposes. Student Study areas and other external links which we deem appropriate and of high calibre. Other student support includes access to  the new student support portal and email support/

How are your courses compiled?

Spiritual Horizons staff have compiled their courses with care, devotion and alot of research. Most books on angels have been consulted and other spiritual courses when accessible have used quotes and research taken from professional academically sound education books. Joanne has used her knowledge taken from her disertation on online learning and student support to create a sound and promising spiritual and angelic school which is built on foundations of love and trust. Gemma holds a psychology and media background and has herself completed dream diplomas and crystal therapy diplomas by online distant learning.

Do you offer graduation membership?

YES!!! of course. It must be really exciting to be able to recieve a certificate which is sealed by love and accreditated by Spiritual Horizons. Each graduate will be able to gain:

Yes this area is currently being debated and written up.

Currently being formatted.

What if I want to stop my studies, do I still pay for the whole course?

Your statutory right under the consumer protection act (distant selling) Regulations 2000, allows you seven working days from after the day of reciept of materials, in which to make a written request for cancellation. During this time you will be released from student contract but restraints will be in place for copywrite provision which prevents you from using our course materials and assessment details for use of copywrite plagarism and use for building your own.

Yes indeed, you have enrolled upon the course and it is a legal obligation to commit to your course of study. Our courses are flexible and so it is encouraged for you to maintain contact with Spiritual Horizons at once if you feel unmotivated at any time.


Will I get a qualification at the end of your courses?

Our Courses are traditionally known as 'leisure courses' if you only complete one or two modules. It is not current legistration to provide a qualification which is deemed to be 'academic' in quality. However holistically , each course which is provided is recognised as a 'training' course recognised and provided by the first angelic education establishment to provide a course which is recognised for it's teaching and prideful for the blessing recieved from our Angelic friends.

Traditionally there is no strict rule on providing online courses of this nature and more people have set up loose ways of gaining 'easy money'. A target for many. Truthfully, our courses are strengthened by the law of good fun and intuitive reasoning.Our Angels blessed us with the ideas, the knowledge and the power and we grow and expand based upon the genuineness and attraction of our organisation as being a light. Yes we recognise our courses and yes they are well reknown and that is why people return and book a course because the quality and purity of the course is a light to others.

Help! I need technical advice.

We can only provide you with basic care in relation to accessing your learner area to complete your course. You may need pdf access and so you will need adobe reader. You can download this from their official website for free. If you have any further problems please contact us in the first instance. Thank you.

Can I copy your Course Structure?/Issues related to copywrite material.

The Answer regrettably is a firm  No. This has taken our staff members a year to research, break down and edit. Our courses are ment to be different to what is out there in the spiritual market to date. Please do not take offence if we clearly state we have our material guarded by copyscape, copywritten to appropriate legal measures and rest assured, Heaven is watching over our work. Sorry! Educational Research within my disertation clearly stipulated organisations are reluctant to extend so openly about their courses. I can understand why, please equipt your self in the first instance and gain the love and power within you to create your own courses.

What does your Courses provide once enrolled?

Good Question and the answer is simple

  1. You get a pdf read only module booklet sent to your email or on printed material within a presentation folder.
  2. In the course there are recommended reading lists, bibliography where appropriate.
  3. You are requested to keep a learning journal for assessment purposes throughout your course
  4. Reflective practice is taught to help aid exploring the inner you for healing purposes
  5. Student login is available to access further student resources such as career websites, study skill websites etc
  6. Full Free Study Support in GMT times London 9am -5pm with a 24hour turnaround for most emails.

How do you assess your courses?

With the highest regard to assessment we hold full knowledge about the ability of types of learners and  each module is carefully planned with this in mind. The creation of learning outcomes are used to build upon the assessment criteria which then provides a look at the performance of development through samples of the learning journals and summaries provided from growth change.

Membership with Spiritual Horizons

Why join ?

We are the only Angel Organisation based in the UK and we lead in anchoring Angel knowledge across the globe. Our team of angels encourage us to promote angel knowledge and love and this is what we are doing. You can support this by being a member of our Angel Organisation and helping to create Angel Gatherings across the globe where we meet at least once a year or if in pockets a few times a week. It is promising and exciting.

Types of membership

Graduate Membership is made available to all graduates who have taken up training with spiritual horizons.

Associated membership is made available to promote other types of angel practice personel to network and support each other and become more recognised with our stamp of approval and endorse your angel knowledge through our forthcoming Angel Education Framework.© Spiritual horizons is the first to bring this into action. Please support us in doing so.

Friends of Spiritual Horizons is anyone who is spiritual who wishes to extend a network of Angels, healers and individuals who support placing more loving practices in  the world. Please feel free to read more in detail here. 

 If we have not answered the question you are searching for. Please contact us and within 24 hours Gemma or Joanne will respond to you your enquiry. This page is currently being updated. Thank you for your time and custom.


Spiritual Horizons 2012-2017.. All website content and course materials are © to J.K & G.A.G. All rights reserved.

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 Disclaimer: Our healing services do not under any circumstance provide replacement medical advice or practice. Healing provides preventative measures for well being and so should be thought of as a complimentary therapy in the first instance. You must be of 16 years or older to purchase from this website. All staff are CRB Enchanced checked dated Oct 2012.

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